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about us

QY Moulding, the Netherlands

Established in the Netherlands in 2014, QY Moulding is located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. As a daughter company of Dong Guan Quan Yun, QY Moulding strives to develop in the European market. It is responsible for customer liaison and after sales services in Europe for Dong Guan Quanyun. Customers, therefore, benefit from shorter lines of communication, fewer intermediate links, greater involvement, and ultimately lower costs.

Salesoffice Eindhoven, Netherlands

our parent company

Dong Guan Quan Yun, China

Founded in 2003, Dong Guan Quan Yun is known for its highly skilled mould design team. With a lot of experience in doing business with demanding Japanese, American, and European customers, they offer a lot of knowledge about moulds and the use of materials in different industries. The factory is equipped with a complete machine park for mould manufacturing, injection moulding, and quality measure.

Dong Guan Quan Yun also provides one-stop shopping services and delivers OEM products. Depending on the requirements, Don Guan Quan Yun only works with network suppliers with proven abilities and results to meet customer demand.

To serve European customers even better, Dong Guan Quan Yun established QY Moulding in 2014 in the Netherlands.

Head office Dong Guan, China